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Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? As the fastest growing video-sharing website in the world, YouTube provides great opportunities for sharing your business’ content. Even if your business is a franchise group where your audience may be in many different locations, YouTube marketing is an effective way to share content.

Anyone, anywhere can make a simple video and upload it to YouTube—that’s the easy part. But if you want to make a real impact with your YouTube marketing efforts, we’ve outlined some tips to get you started.

Get Your Story Straight

When you operate a franchise, you need to make an effort to keep your marketing efforts brand-consistent since your content will be sent out from multiple locations. So when you decide to branch out into YouTube marketing for your franchise group, make sure you take some time to plan the content and keep it consistent with your brand’s story. In order to do this, create a script for your video first to be sure what you are presenting conveys the same story that you are telling on your social media, website and other marketing materials.

Make it Engaging

When it comes to videos, personality matters a lot. Choose people for your videos who have the type of personality that can turn the mundane into an experience. After you make the video, spend some time editing—get rid of any places where the video has a lull. Keep it interesting for your audience or you will lose them.

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Spread the Word

Once you have scripted, filmed and edited your video, you are ready to get the word out. Share, share, share your video using all of the social media outlets you have available to you. If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 seriously, you will undoubtedly have captivating content to share with your social followers, and they will share your content, earning you organic word-of-mouth marketing with a relevant audience.

Go for the Icing on the Cake: SEO

This tip for leveraging YouTube marketing within your franchise group is last on the list because the most important tips are #1 and #2. The reason? Those two recommendations have to do with creating good content that will be the deciding factor for converting your audience and influencing them to visit your store. Once you have some good content and want to get it in front of people, spend some time looking at ways to get your video found completely organically. Here is a brief overview of SEO tips for YouTube:

  • Keywords: use both the Google Keyword tool and the YouTube Keyword tool to identify the best verbiage for your video
  • Title Tag Optimization: use your keyword in the title of your video for easy searching
  • Description Optimization: use your keyword in the video description
  • Video Transcript: add your transcript as a .txt file to your YouTube video


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