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If someone asked you how many social networks you actively use, how many would you say? Two, Five, Ten? A recent study done by a technology market research firm revealed that the average social media user has two (active) accounts.

Each social media network positions themselves in a way that they each help you with a different aspect in your life. Facebook for your personal updates, Twitter for the latest news, Pinterest for DIY projects and recipes and before you know it you’ve spent 5 hours browsing the web. Which may not be good for your health, but businesses love it!


Here is a social media breakdown.

FACEBOOKI like Oranges
TWITTERI’m eating an Orange
FOURSQUAREHere’s where I’m eating my Orange
YOUTUBEWatch how to peel an Orange
INSTAGRAMHere is a photo of my Orange
VINEWatch my stop motion video of peeling my Orange
SPOTIFYI’m listening to Orange Crush by R.E.M.
PINTERESTHere’s my recipe for Orange Juice
G+I work at Google’s Orange County office
LINKEDINI have experience Selling Oranges
HAPPIERI’m so happy I’m eating an Orange
SNAPCHATLook at my Orange for 10 seconds
REDDITHere is a link to a story about my Orange
TUMBLRI follow a great blog about Oranges

And the list goes on and on and on.

Reddit, Stumble Upon, Groupon, Digg, Yelp, Epinions, Myspace, Cafemom, Devinantart, Livejournal, Tagged, Orkut, Ning, Meetup, Mylife, Badoo, Blogster, Qzone, Habbo, Netlog, Flikr, Xanga, Fotolog…

Seriously. On and on and on.

With so many communication channels, each with unique attributes, we recommend an integrated approach to developing and implementing a social media plan to our clients. If you’re interested in a strategic social media plan you came to the right place! Orange you glad you saw this blog?


Burkhart Marketing Associates is busy at keeping up with social media trends and implementing social media plans for their clients. Contact BMA today if you’re looking for a full-service and integrated approach. Check out Burkhart Marketing Associates on  LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. Ideas. Action. Results.



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