Research & Analysis:
A guide to making research work for you

Market Research & Analysis

Competing brands, available communication channels and varying consumer preferences are steadily growing. What’s needed is the ability to extract intelligent nuggets from available research and provide an analytical roadmap that determines the best path to revenue growth. Okay you found us.

Data Segmentation:
How to begin to understand your customers

Database Segmentation

What if you could profile your existing customers, identifying your best ones, discover untapped markets, attract new prospects, reduce customer attrition and dramatically improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency? Well, it’s a good thing we’re skilled at turning ‘what if’ into ‘why not’.

Concepts Planning:
How to reach your destination without being taken for a ride

Concepts Planning:

Just as a pilot won’t take off without first planning a route, you shouldn’t start implementing business strategies without a long-range plan and waypoints. Our process provides a framework that moves you away from guesswork and towards intelligent selection. The result is a destination of choice, not chance.

Brand Positioning:
Do you know what your brand is saying about you?

Brand Positioning

Your brand is core to who you are. It’s your promise. And you need a convincing brand message whether you are defining yourself for the first time or looking to refresh and realign. We’ll help do the heavy lifting in brand development, because there’s nothing more important to us than keeping your promise.

Audits Automation:
Providing framework for fixes

Audits Automation

You assessed the situation, set objectives and implemented your marketing strategy.  A year went by and now it’s time to evaluate performance and make adjustments – right?. Actually, we suggest doing a quick audit of transaction activity to fine-tune and automate the marketing engine as it’s running.

Fast Facts