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It’s that time of year when everyone has the mentality “New Year, New Me.” Well, it’s not any different for a company like Burkhart Marketing Associates. We are constantly striving to better our services, knowledge and relationships and have created a list of our 2014 resolutions to help us get there.

If we aren’t regularly evaluating ourselves then we can’t adequately grow our client’s businesses. This years’ resolutions will not only grow Burkhart Marketing Associates, but in return, will also benefit the amazing clients we surround ourselves with. Here’s to an outstanding 2014!

1. Provide great service to our clients

Providing great service to our clients is what Burkhart Marketing Associates was built on as a business. In 2014, to deliver great services to our customers we are going to focus, among many things, on being good listeners, identifying and anticipating needs and giving more than expected.

2. Learn & grow our skill sets

Trying to stay in business and grow without a clear strategy is a recipe for disaster so Burkhart Marketing Associates sets resolutions and goals throughout the year. To satisfy our clients, and ourselves we must learn and grow quickly because the fast-paced world around us is ever changing.

3. Visit clients

We have great clients; in order to foster and grow those relationships we must spend time with them. A client visit should focus on listening to the client and learning more about the client’s business in order to plan for the year ahead.

4. Build relationships

In a relationship honesty and trust must exist. Honesty and trust take time to build, therefore, relationships take time. Our clients are important and appreciated and we want to make them feel that way. In 2014 we aren’t only planning to create new long-standing relationships but also strengthen the ones we already have.

5. Move faster

The world moves fast, so we must move fast. At Burkhart Marketing Associates, it’s our goal to constantly keep up with trends, new technology and business practices. As a team we can streamline our processes to regularly review new content. When we know more, we can provide more to our clients. Moving faster means we understand the importance of adjusting and learning.

These resolutions will serve as a guide for many other goals we set for ourselves throughout the year. Burkhart Marketing Associates’s team is equipped and ready for what 2014 has to offer. We are prepared for new challenges, excited about new friends and grateful for new opportunities. Bring on a busy and awesome 2014!

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