When multiple brands come together for a single marketing strategy it’s like hitting one bird with two stones. These partnerships, if executed correctly, are smart and both sides benefit from achieving brand objectives that strengthen their image to a shared demographic.

Great co-branding combines the strongest elements of two brands into a complimentary partnership. Fortunately, Some brands go together like peas and carrots, particularly when their core demographics are similar.

Nowadays, to build your brand, sometimes you have to share your brand.

Here’s why:

The more often a consumer sees your brand the more often he/she has the chance to form an association to it. With co-branding products there is a higher chance of creating a deeper and lasting impression on the public.

Innovative co-branding partnerships appear to the public to be more modern, hip and interesting. These partnerships are especially popular in the household product category. Think: Crest plus Scope, Dawn plus Cascade, Kitty Litter plus Arm & Hammer, etc.

These co-branding opportunities, however, are not limited to just the household category. Great co-branding relationships are being developed in every category! Why?

If the co-branding partnership makes sense, it’s a great way to maximize value and save money. It also reinforces the product/service quality.

Not every co-branding partnership makes sense though. You can’t just pair up with any ol’ brand. The brands have to compliment each other and share a target audience. Simply said, under the right circumstances co-branding can be very beneficial.

At Burkhart Marketing Associates, we understand the benefits and importance of good co-branding. We know what makes sense and what doesn’t. We enjoy helping our clients build and expand their brands. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call!


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