In theory, the ‘age of the customer’ should be a great time for retailers — buying opportunities are abundant and customer data is plentiful with almost every click and keystroke recorded. Staying ahead of shifting buying patterns is a daunting task though, as customers have one hand online and one foot at the store counter. E-commerce has virtually eliminated geography as a barrier to sales and has also made loyalty a fleeting commodity. Just as every one of your potential customers is just a click away from your website, they’re just a click away from your competitors’ as well. Large and small companies alike are becoming increasingly reliant on analytics and finding strategic ways to customize shopping experiences and deliver more meaningful information and offers to individual customers.

The perfect marriage of brick & mortar to point & click.

Burkhart delivers the tools and unmatched category experience required to turn these retail-marketing challenges into revenue driving opportunities. We help consumer product companies become more successful by identifying where to focus to build the most value. Generic promotions and in-store campaigns are a thing of the past. And allowing affiliates to create their own marketing campaigns risks endangering the brand. But when you partner with Burkhart, marketing materials and ad campaigns can be developed to suit local markets, while ensuring brand messaging stays consistent across all channels and media types. We assist in accelerating brand and category growth, expanding into new markets, generating new and repeat business, optimizing marketing spend and increasing transaction values.

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  • “Working with Burkhart has been a pleasure! All of the reporting is accurate and their team understands my needs and goes above and beyond to get the job done right and the first time.”

    ~ Stefan Stevenson, Marketing Chair

    Central Indiana Ace Advertising Group 571

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    Stefan Stevenson, Marketing Chair, Central Indiana Ace Advertising
  • “We asked Burkhart to improve our search rankings and they did just that. We do business in a very competitive industry (retail) and breaking into the top pages for important terms is extremely difficult. Burkhart found niche keywords that our competitors were missing, optimized our site in order to be found, and now we have first-page rankings that are extremely valuable to our business.”

    ~ Andy Burtner, Owner

    Burtner Resale Inc.

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    Andy Burtner, Owner, Burtner Resale Inc.