Marketers within the highly regulated wellness category face significant challenges due to complex rules and regulations. Health care providers are focusing on a value-based model as margins are falling and the need to control costs is rising. Meanwhile, personal care providers, who compete primarily through price, location and target demographics, are offering different types of service and related products as a path to profitability. Since individuals are searching the internet to evaluate services, read reviews and compare features and benefits, providers are finding that a healthy digital marketing strategy is no longer a luxury, it’s critical for survival. It’s never been a better time to chart a new approach to health and personal care. But prospering in this ever-changing environment requires collaboration, planning, innovation, communication and flawless execution.

More than skin deep.

Burkhart has the resources and expertise to differentiate your brand and execute programs online, offline or in-office. We offer strategies to attract new elective care clients, promote better patient engagement, practice positive reputation management, increase physician referrals and establish care providers as community health leaders. Burkhart helps marketers bridge the gap between branding and legal compliance, and the need for better customization and targeting of local marketing programs. We identify which materials and assets are accessible to each user or group and how they can be customized. We ensure your branding elements are not compromised while giving affiliates the flexibility they need to personalize marketing materials.

Number of US businesses competing in this sector today:

Medical & Dental
Hospital & Care Centers
Rehabilitation & Specialty
Beauty & Salon
Eldercare & Aftercare
Social & Family Services
  • “Our success has hinged on our open communication style and strong work ethic on both sides. We know that we are going to get a well thought-out execution on the part of Burkhart for any new initiative. We also know that Burkhart will not be afraid to push back, if need be. I can appreciate that level of honesty and corporate integrity.”

    ~ Bruce Buchanan, President

    Buchanan Group, Inc.

    18 Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Centers :: Indiana

    Bruce Buchanan, President, Buchanan Group, Inc
  • “Burkhart has been a critical part of our brand-building work. Their approach has been proactive and collaborative, and their work has been outstanding. We consider Burkhart to be among our most valued business partners.”

    ~ Brooke Ladner, VP Sales & Marketing

    Regency Integrated Health Services

    33 Senior Care Facilities :: Texas

    Brooke Ladner, VP Sales & Marketing, Regency Integrated Health Services