Challenging times inevitably present problems, but they also create opportunities. And in today’s marketplace, opportunities abound for business management consultants and service providers. But your job still isn’t easy. Customers shop more and have multiple business relationships. Loyalty to a single institution is long gone. Plus, there are multiple target audiences, delivery channels, products and services, independent business units and decision makers all competing for a limited budget. At the same time, established firms are facing intense competition from start-up companies that are able to launch innovative services powered by new, often disruptive technologies. The need for speed and availability is insatiable. Whatever business your firm is engaged in, your customers want multi-channel access.

Bank on it.

Leading business and financial services companies rely on Burkhart to deliver the marketing solutions they need to empower agents, branch managers and field marketing teams with the tools and support needed to increase acquisition and retention within their local markets. We segment, profile and target your most valuable customers and prospects to generate leads for business, mortgage and wealth management clients. Our dedicated team will dig deep into your business, unearthing your strengths, exploiting competitive advantages and developing smart strategies that enhance your bottom line. Our broad cross-discipline experience enables us to craft brand messaging that carries through to the appropriate channels—editorial content, design, advertising, event marketing, social media, digital marketing and more.

Number of US businesses competing in this sector today:

Banking & Investments
Legal & Remediation
Insurance & Security
Accounting & Taxes
Consulting & Employment
Technical & Other Support
  • “Simply put; it works. Burkhart has enabled us to compete with larger firms that have much larger marketing budgets. They say work smarter not harder, and that’s what Burkhart and their local marketing has allowed us to do.”

    ~ Kevin Boyer, Owner

    Boyer Technologies :: Indiana

    Kevin Boyer, Owner, Boyer Technologies
  • “Burkhart has released the potential of our brand with their strategic counsel. There is no doubt that the profile of our brand has grown as a result of our collaboration”.

    ~ Harlin Schafer, Owner

    ExactHire :: Indiana

    Harlin Schafer, Owner, ExactHire