The transportation industry is in a constant state of flux and growing more competitive each day. Companies often seek opportunities to achieve economies-of-scale. However, pursuing attractive niches and adjacent market segments can also fuel growth. Companies that focus on expanding networks and improving services are best positioned for long-term growth. But shifting your business focus from one lucrative offering to many requires a strong and consistent brand experience from independent retailers and service networks alike. With the current economic climate, increased market awareness through consistent media exposure is the best way to reach your potential customers and let them know what you can do for them and how well you can do it.

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Burkhart’s marketing experts work with companies across the logistics value chain to navigate today’s challenges in order to anticipate and develop pragmatic, winning strategies for tomorrow’s opportunities. We work alongside all levels of transportation & logistics companies to plan where and how to achieve full revenue potential. We understand the requirements of this sector and are able to provide strong advice and planning to execute marketing strategies that align with your overall business plan. Burkhart is a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions and lead generation campaigns. We help companies target share of wallet opportunities by identifying the needs of their customers and how those needs can best be served.

Number of US businesses competing in this sector today:

Automobile & RV
Oil, Lube & Tire
Parts & Accessories
Repair & Replacement
Fuel & Wash
Freight & Logistics
  • “I have used most of the marketing services available for dealerships through Burkhart, and I’d highly recommend incorporating them in your marketing plan.”

    ~ Teri Kraft, President

    Eastgate/Westgate Automotive

    2 Dealerships :: Indiana

    Teri Kraft, President, Eastgate/Westgate Automotive
  • “I would highly recommend Burkhart for video production services. My experience with them leaves me feeling very lucky that I chose them. I could have gone with hundreds of different firms, but I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have gotten a better design or such great service.”

    ~ Lynn Kimmel, President

    Lockhart Automotive

    4 Dealership & Service Centers :: Indiana

    Lynn Kimmel, President, Lockhart Automotive