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Facebook has created a dynamic way for you to serve ads to your customers: Carousel ads.

A carousel ad allows you to showcase multiple aspects of your business in a single ad unit. You can create up to five ads per unit, each with its own format and links. Essentially, carousel ads give you more creative freedom and reach, so that you get much more back from your Facebook marketing campaigns. There are a number of reasons to incorporate carousel ads into your marketing strategy. Here are the top five:

1. Consolidated Marketing

Older advertising strategies made it difficult to keep customers engaged when multiple related products were part of a single campaign. Potential customers are put off by a bombardment of information before they get anywhere near a landing page. However, with Facebook carousel ads, you can serve information about a number of related products or services without overwhelming the customer.

2. Dynamic Use of Space

Again, customers are easily put off by ads that are too busy or have a lot of information crammed into a small ad unit. With up to five images at your disposal, Facebook carousel ads allow you to showcase different aspects of your product or service in a much tidier and easier to read format. If used correctly, you can create a customer journey that naturally flows to your landing pages.

3. Multiple Landing Pages

Facebook carousel ads also allow you to link to more than one landing page. Each image within the ad unit can link to a different page, which is ideal for multifaceted marketing campaigns. Doing this makes it easier to track where your sales are coming from and which aspects of your marketing strategy are working the best.

4. Creative Freedom

With Facebook carousel ads, you have much more creative freedom than with static ad units. You can create a customer journey, tell a story, target multiple landing pages, showcase a single product or service, etc. You can tailor the format and the purpose of the ad to suit your customer type and their needs. If your marketing team has done their homework, Facebook carousel ads should result in much higher click through rates.

5. Customer Engagement

No matter which format you choose, Facebook carousel ads are engaging. They draw the customer in and generate buzz and interest in your products or services. The customer will want to complete the journey and find out more. Facebook carousel ads work for any sort of customer journey, which means every industry, can increase engagement with customers in a more effective way.

Facebook carousel ads help you stand out from your competitors by communicating multiple messages in a fresh new way. Get creative and ramp up your customer engagement with a fun new social media campaign.

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