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Your marketing team may be producing great content, but that doesn’t matter if it isn’t being shared or utilized by your sales team. A recent study by the International Data Corporation found that almost 80% of marketing material goes unused, but that same content is required to do the heavy-lifting when it comes to expanding your client base. A content library is an invaluable way to create a database of all your in-house creations or third-party resources. By organizing all of your content in one area, you can ensure you’re utilizing all of the material at your disposal.

Need more convincing? We have three reasons why you need a content library.

1. Examine What You Have and What You Need

It is important that the content in your library meets the needs of your sales team. Speak with them about what they aren’t seeing in your library in order to create the material they feel is most necessary. That goes for structure as well: listen to which components — searching tools, extra information categories — would be most helpful for them as they use the library.

Lettered cubes spilling out of cup and spell "Content".2. Make it Easy to Access

Users need to be able to easily search the portal so it doesn’t seem like a drain on their time. Sorting content by topic or type can also help. Including keywords, descriptions or information about a piece of content’s stage in the sales cycle provides clarity too. Though users might be accessing the library regularly, it is important to frequently update your sales team so they know when new resources are available. Your content will not get used if it is not readily available… No matter how informative or interesting it is.

Workers gathered around table with lots of paper and sticky notes working on content library.3. Monitor What has Been Shared

Maintaining a strong, consistent — and scandal-free — presence on social media is critical for your brand’s health. But it can be difficult to monitor what employees say or post when sharing branded content. By having a content library, you can create pre-approved messages to go along with blog posts, article links, slide decks or any other material you’re sharing with potential consumers. Not only can this help protect your social media presence, but it also ensures that your overall image is cohesive.

We are here to help your team build the ultimate content library. Be sure to contact us and learn more about all our different types of services.

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