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A company’s most valuable asset is its people. A great way to maintain employee happiness and keep your top talent is to have a strong and positive company culture. If your employees aren’t happy, your company will not be successful. Looking to boost morale and create a better work environment and company culture? We’ve compiled 6 ways to do so!

1.    Handle conflict immediately

Make sure all conflict is handled directly, openly and immediately, and be sure you are being transparent. An open culture is created by sharing successes, failures, challenges and changes with your employees. Try holding regularly scheduled meetings with your teams in order to keep everyone in the know.

2.    Make well-being a priority

It is no secret that American workers are stressed out. According to an article on Workplace stress by the American Institute of Stress.

  • 80% of workers’ report feeling stress on the job
  • 25% of workers say they’ve felt like screaming because of job stress
  • 19% of workers have left a job because of stress

Some ways to make physical and mental well-being a priority are by encouraging your employees to take breaks, providing healthy snacks and meals, offering flexible working hours and providing sick and vacation leave.

3.    Acknowledge and reward valuable contributions

Take notice and praise your employees when they are doing well and they will be more likely to come to work inspired to work hard each day. Appreciation makes a huge difference.

A Globoforce survey tells us that between 67% to 90% of companies who adopt an employee recognition program report an improvement in employee engagement.

Rewards do not have to be monetary. Try thanking your employees for doing a great job by giving them more of the types of projects they love. The most valuable type of recognition happens more frequently during genuine, in-person interactions.Group of employees celebrating valuable contributions

4.    Support employee growth

Showing commitment to the professional growth of your employees is a huge step in making sure they love what they do. Take time to regularly check in and show an interest in making sure employees not only feel satisfied with their career development path but that they have the resources they need to grow.

For example, we sit down with our interns at the beginning of their internships to go over goals they hope to accomplish and lessons they wish to learn throughout their experience. Then, we check-in regularly to make sure they are checking off boxes and reaching those goals throughout their time here. We have a similar process for full-time employees, too!

5.    Encourage team bonding

It is important that your team gets together to create relationships within the company. Teamwork and work satisfaction is promoted when you build a cohesive community. Plan a variety of social activities throughout the year. For example, at Burkhart, we schedule a lunch date with the whole company for our new hires and our new interns. This gives them a chance to get to know their new co-workers and to connect right away.

6.    Have one unified culture

Make sure there is one culture promoted throughout the entire company. It is common to see an organization with one culture for executives and another for the rest of the company. That being said, a culture that genuinely wants to encourage working together and enhance productivity is a company where everyone is on the same page and working within similar guidelines.

A thriving company culture is vital to the success and upward direction of any company. Make sure enough time and effort is put toward making yours the best it can be! We hope these 6 tips help and if you would like to discuss our company culture more, don’t hesitate to call!

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