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The Apple store has a magnetic quality about it; a way of reeling in innocent mall-goers, there to pick up a wedding gift or serial sample the food court. Before the shopper knows what’s happening, he or she is greeted by a sharp young man in a blue t-shirt and considering an early upgrade.

A credit card is swiped while stunning mountain scenes flash on the surrounding digital displays.

Some call that visual appeal magic; we call it the power of a killer brand experience. Apple’s in-store branding is minimalistic. It largely depends on digital displays, which are becoming increasingly popular among retailers for good reason. Whether you have full-wall screens or a simple digital menu board, there are several reasons you should use digital display screens in your retail business.

1. Digital displays encourage impulse purchases.

Particularly the ones that are programmed to cycle through a series of content on a short loop. These have the capacity to feature more products in a shorter span of time, as well as cross-merchandise throughout the entire store.

2. They’re cheaper in the long run.

While digital signage may be a large investment up front, it’s sure to reduce overhead in the long run. The days of printing, pasting, physical distribution and set-up are over.

3. They’re much more environmentally friendly.

Digital displays significantly reduce paper waste – which is great for the environment AND revenue! Customers love to see companies investing in a sustainable product and taking a greener approach to business.

4. They contribute to the immersive brand experience.

Digital displays scream modern. They’re sleek and attractive and easily customized to suit a company’s specific brand. Multiple displays and larger ones, like those at Apple, are particularly effective contributors to brand image. 68% of people report this catches their attention more than any other medium.

5. They’re quick and easy to change.

Changing a digital display is more like updating a website or editing a short video than redoing a storefront sign. It is much less of a hassle and easier to coordinate content to suit the seasons, inventory and current promotions.

Digital displays are a new and on-trend way to reach customers. More and more retailers are hopping on board to save time, energy and money, all while increasing sales. When you’re ready to take your brand image to the next level, Team Burkhart can help get your business growing with digital displays.

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