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If the holiday shopping season has taught us anything as marketers and advertisers, it’s that it’s never too early to start campaigning for the holidays. Black Friday used to be the day for kick starting holiday sales. Now, Black Friday often bleeds into Thanksgiving Day. And these days, the deals don’t stop even once the weekend is over. Cyber Monday – Black Friday’s online cousin – should not be overlooked or underestimated.

Crush Your Cyber Monday Advertising Campaign this Year

1. Cyber Monday Makes More Money, a retail revenue resource, notes that between 2014 and 2016, Cyber Monday has consistently made more money than Black Friday. In 2015, the day grossed $3.07 billion, just a bit more than the $2.74 billion raked in on Black Friday.

2. Consumers do Their Research Ahead of Time

You probably already advertise online, likely on social media. While you will be deploying different messaging for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should launch your Cyber Monday ads in conjunction with your promos for Black Friday. Shoppers do research ahead of time to find the best deals, and if your offers are communicated early, they could drive traffic to your website and result in sales, even prior to the day-of.

You can also save some cash, too…

A woman using her Ipad to shop for holiday presents on Cyber Monday.

3. No Print Ads Required

Some shoppers still do Black Friday the good old-fashioned way… They rely on print ads to find sales and drive their cars to brick-and-mortar stores to do their holiday shopping.

On Cyber Monday though, there’s no need for expensive print or broadcast advertisements (it is “Cyber Monday”, after all). This is an internet-based shopping day, so it is ideal for most, if not all, of your advertising to be done online. Save some money and skip the print ads. And rest assured, even the loyal Black Friday shoppers are converting to online shopping too! According to Adobe Digital Insights, Cyber Monday online sales increased 12.1 percent in 2016 compared to 2015 and are predicted to only go up.

4. Expect More Attention to Your Online Presence

With your targeted advertisements deploying online, more customers and could-be customers will swarm your site than on most other days. They are also more likely to check out any existing and upcoming deals via email.

Cyber Monday is the time to maximize your current and existing database for lead generation, so make it count! Make sure your homepage, email marketing and social media presence are in tip-top shape and include an email sign up form before the holiday.

5. Prove You Understand Your Audience’s Needs

What does your audience want and need this holiday? Your products or services may fulfill that need, but you must prove it. And if you can show you understand your audience’s needs on Cyber Monday, you could end up with repeat customers into the next year and beyond.

Need help developing a stellar, targeted promotional campaign? Give us a call! We can help you produce highly targeted ads that will be sure to appeal to your audience.

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