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My experience as an intern here at Burkhart Marketing has been a successful one. I have learned many lessons that will help me professionally and personally. Lessons such as becoming a more productive team member, paying attention to details, being punctual and knowing when to ask questions or find my own solution. These insights helped me through my internship and will certainly show up again post-graduation.

What I Learned from a Burkhart Internship:

1. Working as a team

When working at an agency, I have learned that it takes great teamwork to make everything happen. Everyone has creative, informative ideas that can be used together to create an effective plan that is put into action. You also have to be able to take constructive criticism. Being able to accept that others may have a better plan is very important. This is especially true as an intern because when you first start working, you may not be as well prepared to execute certain tasks. You have to rely on others to guide you through.

2. Pay attention to details

The minor details are so critical when working as an intern, especially at an agency. You can’t have grammar mistakes on social posts, documents or blogs. You have to work on being a perfectionist. If it takes you longer to complete a task because you have to double or triple-check certain items, nothing is wrong with that. It is better to take your time and get it right, rather than rushing through it and messing up. Details not only include your work inside the office but also being aware of your time.

3. Punctuality

Being on time to work and leaving at the right time are required when you start your internship. It seems simple, but it shows that you take what you’re doing very seriously. Being punctual includes coming to work with a professional attitude and willingness to perform well every day.

4. When to ask questions vs. finding your own solution

When you first start your internship, it’s important to ask questions because you are unfamiliar with a lot of stuff around you. However, the more you work, finding your own solutions becomes more necessary. You can’t always rely on others to answer every question you have throughout the day. Finding solutions is an important skill to learn and strengthen throughout your internship. Sometimes, those solutions are just paying close attention to the little details.

Completing an internship is an important building block for your future employment. Whether or not the internship you’re considering is paid, I’d encourage anyone to take full advantage of the opportunities that internships will provide for you. Learn as much as you can, and you will certainly be prepared for your career ahead.

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