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Do you feel like your medical marketing efforts can’t keep up with the deep pockets of your biggest competition?

With recent healthcare reform changes, every one is talking about the changing healthcare marketing landscape. Hospitals used to dominate, but now health service providers such as physical therapy offices, stand-alone radiology and laboratories are looking for opportunities to increase awareness and gain market share.

If you are an independent healthcare provider, what are you doing to make potential new clients aware of your location? How do you come up with new ideas to market yourself, compete with hospital systems, and maximize your profitability? Medical marketing doesn’t have to be unattainable if you:

  1. Make Marketing Your Services a Priority.
    Your clients are your first priority, but be sure to dedicate budget and management staff time to marketing. Marketing provides measurable results that
    work towards your business goals. Taking time to determine the top strengths and weaknesses of your practice can help you identify new marketing opportunities.
  2. Create a One-Year Marketing Plan
    Developing a marketing plan for your business can be done with a medical marketing consultant or on your own. A marketing plan should have set, measurable goals that are attainable over a defined period of time and include specific projects that will assist you in attaining those goals. You should also incorporate budget allocation for each item in the plan and work to stay within those limits.
  3. Embrace New Opportunities
    Perhaps you have bought the same ad in the same publication for years. But, what if trying something you haven’t done before, like digital radio ads, brought more new clients or if developing a creative mobile app brought existing client back in more often? Don’t let lack of experience or knowledge about marketing channels hold your business back from achieving better results.
  4. Partner with Experts.
    You don’t need a million dollars to get expert medical marketing ideas. Technology, the internet, and mobile marketing have completely changed the advertising landscape.

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